“ Face your fears, live your dreams”

Linda and her twin brother were the first twins born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1952. Linda’s twin brother was born with congenital cataracts, as their mother had German measles during pregnancy. By the age of two, her twin brother had seven eye surgeries and Linda states he is a genius today. No doubt they share very similar genes as we all have been blessed with Linda’s ingenuity and perseverance.

Linda married Jeff Dallman in 1975 and they produced two lovely children Mark and Ashley. Jeff passed away in 2003 losing his two month battle to cancer. Linda remarried a long time family friend, Jim Repp in 2006. Jim and Linda are now celebrating life’s milestones with their combined family of four children: Mark, Ashley , Megan and Melanie. Before retiring to Sarasota in 2011, Linda shared her positive spirit teaching first-graders for thirty eight years in Merton, WI.

SIS-Linda was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2007 with no lymph node involvement. Linda admits that having to tell her children that their mother also had cancer, after losing their father to cancer in less than two months, was one of her more difficult times in life. She tested positive for the BRCA2 gene and underwent a bilateral mastectomy and hysterectomy. In 2014, Linda’s cancer returned as stage 4 metastasis to the bone and in 2015 to her liver and brain, at which time she received stereotactic radiation (brain) and chemotherapy for her liver tumor.

Linda’s will to live, fight and beat her cancer comes largely from the network of support she receives from her family and her Survivors in Sync SISters. Linda’s goal is to regain her endurance and paddle again so she can compete with SIS in Florence, Italy 2018 and maybe even sneak in a cruise while in Europe! Linda’s dream is to see all of her children get married and be in remission.

This past April,  Linda’s dream(s) started to become a reality, as she danced with Mark at his wedding to the song “Hero” in honor of her late husband, Jeff.  While savouring crispy duck at Euphemia Haye, Linda’s family celebrated another dream come true,  Ashley’s recent engagement!  Ashley’s hoping to have a beach wedding in Sarasota, aghhhh, love is in the air!  Linda’s stepdaughter, Melanie continues to teach English in South Korea sharing her talents and love that is so plentiful in the Dallman-Repp family household.

If Linda’s not paddling in the engine room,  you may find her shopping at T.J.Maxx or Home Goods , as she’s quite crafty.  However, more than likely she’s snuggling up to Angel, their rescue dog, while watching Scandal. Speaking of scandals, don’t get Linda laughing too hard, as rumor has it she may pee her pants! Perhaps, the laughing was prompted by a few notes from her flute or ukulele days?

Linda finds peace with God, comfort with her dog Angel and loves being by the ocean. Linda’s super power wish would be to heal people from their disease. She obviously loves doing for others and gains sheer joy when others are happy.

We love you SIS-Linda…you inspire us!

by Bambi Famous Kaine