“You raise me up to more than I can be….”

Jane Welsh, is the “baby” of five children (3 sisters and 1 brother) born in Bryn Mawr and raised in Merion, PA, hence the newly earned SIS nickname, Yo Yo Philly! Married for an amazing 47 years, Jane has two children: Michael- 40, Kirsten- 36 and two adorable grandchildren, Max-2 and Seth just two months. Jane has a BS in Education, had a career with insurance client services and is a grammar nut,  so I plan on being graded for this SIS-Spotlight!

Jane enjoys watching Madame Secretary and just “chillin’ “at home. Given a choice to max out her credit card Jane would spread it out, so you might find her shopping on St. Armand’s Circle after her favorite meal, a filet mignon, at the Dry Dock. While Jane wouldn’t share her most embarrassing moment (too many to count), she was quick to throw her pet Chubby under the bus for using the dining room as his bathroom. Yo Yo Philly,  maybe he was claustrophobic, like you, and needed some space!

SIS-Jane was diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma (left breast) and invasive lobular carcinoma (right breast) February 10, 2010. She underwent a bilateral mastectomy (10/6/2010), had ACT chemotherapy and radiation. Beating cancer and adopting her two children are Jane’s greatest accomplishments, while burying her parents and sister have been the hardest to endure.

Jane would love to possess the super power to heal serious diseases, especially for children. It’s no wonder if granted one wish, she’d choose health and happiness for her children and grandchildren.

Jane thrives more on approval than money or rewards and is motivated by everyone that crosses her path. Jane’s goal is to get back in the boat stronger than ever. Josh Groban’s, “You Raise Me Up” is Jane’s favorite song. SIS-Jane, be comforted in knowing that your dragon boat SISters will “raise you up (after that knee surgery) so YOU can stand on mountains and walk (or paddle) on stormy seas!”

We love you SIS-Jane…Paddles Up!

by Bambi Famous Kaine